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Battle stations.

Sherlock AU: What if Moriarty’s bomb at the pool exploded? Whilst Sherlock miraculously survives, the same can’t be said for John.


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Sherlock Uncovered (ASiP)

John: Is that it?
Sherlock: Is that what?
John: We’ve only just met and we’re gonna go and look at a flat?
Sherlock: Problem?



Benedict Cumberbatch in Four Lions (2010)

Seriously looks like Van Gogh there.  Even with the little skullcap. But look at that beard, wow.  Guh, such an attractive sucker.

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nothing screams boyfriends more than this


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Anonymous asked: Hi for everyone saying they would sex sherlock, sherlock would not be dirty or kinky imo. He doesn't have much experience, and people conveniently forget in the fics that people with little sexual experience are usually very nervous and its all very uncomfortable and doesnt last very long... I just can't imagine a sherlock who goes right in with kinky shit. just doesnt ring true with me. Not that im denying sherlock is incredibly hot and i would vote him, but people need to calm down .-.

How would you know?

Sometimes even your own sexuality can surprise you a lot, let alone someone else’s.

There’s nothing strange to me in Sherlock being a sexual creature, he’s human afterall, isn’t he? Even if he abstains from sexual activities for the sake of his work, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have normal human needs and urges. IMO, it’s just suppressed to a certain extent.

Still, he has his fantasies, kinks and dreams, like everyone else.

In my headcanon, Sherlock is not a virgin though, he used to do some sexual expriments with both sexes I believe and he just didn’t find it attractive enough to go on with it. So he abandoned it.

Until he met John. Meeting John somehow opened his eyes, Sherlock became being attracted to another human being, not only in a physical, sexual way, but romantically too.

But being so thorough in all his research he was very profound in exploring his own sexuality too, I think.So, he might not have much sexual experience and sex life but he knows his kinks, he knows what he likes and expects and without any problems I can imagine him being a great lover (as they say, the hottest and most appealing part of a man is his brain).

Nervousness is normal in such first time situations, when we want to impress somebody we love or admire. Saying first time, I don’t mean your first time in life, but with a particular person.

Even if it’s awkward and too quick at first (after such a long celibate, quite normal for a  young man), that doesn’t mean Sherlock wouldn’t enjoy his sexual intercourse. As most people do.

I can picture kinky, dirty, all hot and sweaty moaning Sherlock without too much trouble.

And I enjoy the image:-)))

But it’s me and my headcanon. You can have yours obviously.


Benedict Cumberbatch dancing along to “New York New York” on set of Sherlock S3

vid credit to Kat (@Kaly312)

An Edit a Day ⚜ Benedict Cumberbatch ⚜ [161/?]
An Edit a DayBenedict Cumberbatch ⚜ [161/?]
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